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Street Style Savvy: Unveiling the Secrets of Urban Fashion

From the streets of Belgrade to the avenues of New York, street-style savvy fashionistas have become their own breed of urban trendsetters. These style mavericks have discovered new secrets to make their ordinary looks stand out from the sea of fashion pretenders. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the mysterious secrets of fashion that street-style savvies have discovered and share their secrets for achieving high-style looks that turn heads.

1. Unlocking the Urban Fashion Mystery

Urban fashion has become one of the most popular trends in recent years. With its bold prints, daring lines, and fashionable silhouettes, it has pushed people to take on a new style. But deciphering the ins and outs of urban fashion can be complex.

When to Wear Urban Fashion

Urban fashion is usually considered appropriate for laidback, casual settings. However, it absolutely can be worn to dressier events like date nights, parties, and upscale gatherings. All it takes is the right frenetic, yet stylish touches to transform an urban outfit into a dressy one.

Accessorizing With Urban Fashion

Accessorizing is essential when wearing urban fashion. It gives the outfit a punch of personality and flair. Here are some wise tips on howto embellish an urban outfit:

  • Add a brightly colored scarf, or perhaps a vibrant hat.
  • Stack on a slew of armwear such as wrist bands, forearm bands, and bracelet.
  • You’ll stand out with standout accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and glasses.
  • Don’t forget that shoes are a great way to tie an urban look together.

Styles to Look For

Urban fashion is all about prints and patterns. An array of silhouettes and styles are embraced in the urban fashion world. Here are some pieces that you should keep an eye out for:

  • Vibrant colored leggings.
  • Funky pieces like funky skirts, tops, and jackets.
  • Graphic tees.
  • Distressed jeans.
  • Statement making footwear.

With these tips you can now confidently unlock the mysteries of urban fashion and ultimately find the style that suits you best!

Street style trends are an ever-evolving phenomenon, and it’s worth taking a look at what’s new on the market. Here’s a brief roundup of the current trends that are making a stir on the streets.

Statement Scarves

Statement scarves are a major trend for 2019, particularly when it comes to bright and bold colors. These statement scarves combined with subtle outerwear and sweaters can create a stylish, eye-catching look and can be draped around the neck, waist or even head for a truly artful expression.

Embellished Sneakers

Embellished sneakers are popping up everywhere, from the runway to on the street. A great way to add a touch of shine to everyday wear, these incredibly popular sneakers come in all shapes, sizes and fabrics, so that there’s a pair for any occasion.

Mix and Match Prints

Mix and match prints are a great way to show off a playful attitude. From florals to animal prints, look to combine different prints to make your outfit stand out. Pick two or three prints that work together and layer them across different garments to pull your look together.

Maxi Skirts and Flowy Dresses

Maxi skirts and flowy dresses are a great way to make a statement while staying comfortable. Get creative and look for interesting patterns or look for creative ways to style them. You can pair with a simple t-shirt or use it to layer beneath a lightweight sweater for double the impact.

Oversized Tops

Oversized tops are making an appearance everywhere and from all sorts of brands. Look for a loose-fitting, oversized garment to make a stylish statement. Pair with slim fit pants or a mini skirt to balance the proportions for a cool, modern look.

3. Urban Rebel: Fashion & Style Tips for the Bold

1. Mix Fabrics and Styles
Urban rebellion in fashion can be synthesized in the blending of styles and fabrics. Mixing of unexpected elements such as cargo and dress shorts, or an oversized blazer and sleek trousers, can create a vibrant energy in an ensemble. Experimenting with mixing contrasting materials can lead to a thrilling outcome that expresses your own individual taste and avant garde vision.

2. Embrace Quirky Accessories
An easy way to express yourself through fashion is by playing up your accessories. Try boldly mixing outrageous accessories such as a beret and leggings, or a zebra print belt and cufflinks. Accessories should be daring and gleefully eccentric to add spice to your outfit.

3. Dare to be Bold
Don’t be scared to go all out with your own unique style. Products like neon-colored ankle socks may seem extreme, but pushing the boundaries of fashion is exactly how new trends manifest themselves. Don’t be afraid to take risks and dedicate time to playing with new and innovative designs.

4. Demand Comfort
A staple of all fashion should be comfort. When it comes to creating an urban rebel look, premium materials like soft wool and lightweight cotton are essential. Opt for clothing that not only looks great but also feels amazing on the skin.

5. Make a Statement with Your Shoes
Shoes are often the focal point of the entire ensemble, so make certain the ones you choose are perfect. Look for boots or funky sneakers that add a dash of funk and classicism. Creative designs such as a wedge sneaker or a high top boot can elevate your outfit to the next level.

4. Rise of a Street Wear Empire: Style Tips for the Urbanite

Fashion trends come and go, yet urban street wear has become a beloved classic for both men and women. From statement jackets and raw denim jeans to chunky sneakers and street-ready tees, this look is as edgy as it is fashionable. But nailing street style can be a daunting task.

Pick the Right Attire:
Mutual respect for all styles of fashion is essential for urbanites. Choose outfits that represent your unique style with confidence. Whether you’re a high-end designer enthusiast or an avid thrift shopper, there’s no doubt that expressing yourself through your clothing is key.


The approach to accessorizing is simple yet chic. Rock a classic leather bomber jacket with gold chunky jewellery and a chain necklace to secure your outfit. Finish off your look with a designer watch or statement sunglasses. This is your canvas – use it to express your fashion sense.

Street wear style puts a major focus on sneakers. Opting for chunky soles and slim track pants presents a classic combination. For those looking to push the boundaries of urban expression, opt for unique details like animal prints or an unexpected colour. Women can choose sleek boots to add a sexy flair to their street style.

Long oversized tees, vintage graphic patterned tee shirts and statement hoodies are all great options to choose from. Dress up your look with sharp button-downs and knit sweaters. When selecting graphic prints, opt for lesser-known brands to make a real statement. Here are some styling tips for the modern urbanite:

  • Layer up for a contemporary street style look
  • Add casual elegance with structured silhouettes
  • Highlight bold colours and prints for a one-of-a-kind look
  • Mix up materials – from breathable knits to soft and sleek leather
  • Mix and match urban street wear basics with modern spins

So now, you are armed with the know-how to become street style savvy. Show your confidence with the trends and unleash your personality, creating your own unique style! It’s time to take a fashion risk and step out your front door in style. Get out there and get fashion savvy!

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